Deleting inspections can be tricky. It all depends on if you wish only to delete one line, parts, or the whole order - and if the inspection is combined across different orders. This guide will explain how to proceed. 

If the inspection is combined, please use this guide to split the inspection. You will need to do this before it is possible to delete the inspection. 

Please note that it is only possible to delete and split inspections that are either Planned or Completed

Only deleting one line

Log-in to your Qarma desktop account

Find the order, and press 'Edit' at the bottom. A page similar to the one presented below will appear:

Find the specific line you wish to delete and press the X as illustrated above.

The line has now been deleted

Delete the whole order 

Find the order and, once again, press 'Edit' at the bottom.

This will lead you to the following page presented below. 

Go to the bottom of this page.

Click on the "Delete order"

Then, Click  to confirm delete the whole order.

The order has now been deleted