1. Q: I forgot my password. How do I create a new one?
    A: You can type in your username and click on the ‘forgot password’ link. You will then receive an email from the system with a link to reset your password.

    Forgotten Password Guide (Desktop)
    Forgotten Password Guide (App)

  2. Q: How do I replace my old phone with a new one?
    A: Make sure to upload all of your data from the old phone before you log-out. Once having installed the Qarma App on your new phone, log in and find all of your uploaded data.

  3. Q: Where is my report saved?
    A: Your report is saved in the Qarma system. You can find your finished report by entering the Report tab in the Qarma App.

  4. Will my report disappear if my phone battery is dead?
    A: Your report will automatically be saved on your phone. Once your phone is recharged, you can continue working with your report.

  5. Q: In which situations will my report be gone from Qarma Mobile?
    A: Your finished report will be removed from the Qarma App after five days but is always saved online in the Qarma system. Any un-submitted data will be lost if you log out from the Qarma App or if the Qarma App is being un-installed.

  6. Q: Will Qarma check if there is any un-submitted data before I log out?
    A: Yes, Qarma always shows a confirmation dialog to make sure you want to log out.

  7. Q: If my inspection is underway when I log out, and I then log-in again on the same phone with the same account - can I continue completing my report?
    A: Yes, your report is still in Qarma; you need to download it again to continue.

  8. Q: Will Qarma work if my phone signal is not good?
    A: Yes, Qarma works in both online and offline mode. If there is no signal, pictures are stored on the phone until you have a signal to upload again.

  9. Q: If I log out, will I lose my data?
    A: If you need to log out, please make sure all data is uploaded. Once uploaded, the data is saved in Qarma. You can recover your data once you log in again.

  10. Q: How often I should charge my phone?
    A: Always make sure that your phone is charged before an inspection. Better to carry a power bank in case you need to charge during an inspection.

  11. Q: Will my data still upload if my phone screen is locked?
    A: Your phone might go into a hibernate function and stop the uploaded process. Consequently, please keep your phone un-locked until the uploading of data has finished.

  12. Q: If I download my inspection, can someone else also download it and do the inspection for me?
    A: Once you download an inspection in your app, the inspection is locked, and only you can make the inspection. In order to send the inspection to someone else, it needs to be unlocked on the web site.

  13. Q: What should I do if my App stops uploading data?
    A: Please make sure you have a stable signal to upload data. If the process remains slow or stops uploading entirely, please close the app completely (by swiping) and re-open.

  14. Q: Can we use different check-lists for our different categories?
    A: Yes, you can set more than one check-list. Add a check-list in Qarma for each category.

  15. Q: How do I share a report?
    A: For internal sharing, add a user to the report. Otherwise, you can share the PDF report by email, WeChat, QQ - or any other app on your phone that offers document sharing.

    Share Report Guide

  16. Q: How do I receive a report?
    A: You get an email notification with a link to the report.

  17. Q: Can I receive the report as PDF?
    A: Yes, you can always download it as a PDF from the Qarma website.

  18. Q: Can I share the inspection report with suppliers?
    A: Yes, you can download it as a PDF from the website and send it to them - or you can share it directly from the Qarma app.

    Share Report Guide

  19. Q: How is the picture quality?
    A: Picture resolution is approximately 1600 x 1200 pixels.

  20. Q: Can I inspect one style with two colors in the same inspection?
    A: Yes, you can combine inspections if needed.

    Combine Inspection Guide 

    Split Inspection Guide

  21. Q: If the same product is split into two orders, can I inspect them together?
    A: Yes, you can combine inspections if needed.

    Combine Inspection Guide 

    Split Inspection Guide