1. Create CAP without audit report

You can create CAP if you don't have audit report from Qarma.  Clicking “CORRECTIVE ACTIONS” over the "AUDITS" menu, then click “New” to create a new CAP task. When you click it, a frame will pop up, tap your findings, suppliers and units. After finishing the frame, you will be led to details of the task automatically.



2. Create CAP from audit report

Select the audit report which you need to create CAP task, there are three entrances for creating CAP task. 


2.1 Entrance in summary part

You can create in summary part  and chose checkpoints you want to apply to. Next, edit approver, responsible and due date.

2.2 Entrance in checkpoints part

Right here, you can create CAP from specific checkpoint and the task will be linked to this checkpoint. Click the three dots next to the checkpoint name, and choose Create Corrective Action.


2.3 Entrance in status part

Right here, you can create CAP from the status part. Once created, you need to click on the record to provide additional details.