When an audit has been conducted, there is often a need for developing a corrective plan to rectify issues identified in the audit. 

This page describes how to make a corrective action plan. If you prefer to get a video guide of the same, please check the three-step video guide:

Step 1: Creating corrective actions

Step 2: Resolving corrective actions from Qarma mobile app

Step 3: Viewing resolution and approving

Creating corrective actions

This can be done by clicking the Create Corrective Action button on the right-hand side of the audit report:

This will ask to provide a text to describe this corrective action. Once created, the corrective action will be listed in the audit report as well as in the Corrective Actions menu:

Clicking the corrective action will open it so you can add more details:

The following information can be added:

- Finding: The main finding that triggered the corrective action to be created. 

- Description: Describe what needs to be done in order to rectify the problem.

- Due date: This is the deadline for resolving the corrective action.

- Responsible: The person who should take action to resolve the corrective action.

- Approver: If you do not want the corrective action to be closed, until someone has approved the result, select an approver.

- Require evidence from app: By checking this, you require that the corrective action can only be resolved by providing images or videos taken with the Qarma mobile app. This will increase the level of trust you can have in the images and videos provided, since they have to be taken in real-time (not possible to re-use or get images from somewhere else), and the location will also be tracked so it can be compared against the location of the audit.

Get an overview of corrective actions

Once created, a corrective action will be listed in the audit report as well as in the Corrective Actions menu:

The corrective actions list allows filtering corrective actions based on supplier, responsible, date and status:

Resolving corrective actions - mobile app

Corrective actions can be resolved by providing evidence in the shape of remarks, images, videos or documents. The easiest way to resolve corrective actions is by using the Qarma mobile app, by tapping the menu in the upper right corner and selecting Corrective Actions:

This will show a list of the corrective actions assigned to you:

Tap the corrective action to open it, and use the buttons to capture image and videos, add a remark and finally you can press the Resolve button to resolve it:

Resolving corrective actions - website

It's also possible to resolve corrective actions from the website, and here you can also provide documents, images and videos to show that the corrective action has been resolved. On the Evidence section you can upload, add remarks and press the Resolve button:

Approving corrective actions

Once a corrective action has been resolved, an email notification is sent to the person designated as approver. If there is no approver, the corrective action will be directly closed. 

To approve a corrective action, open it on the website and press the Approve button on the right-hand side: