If you want the inspector to select from a pre-defined set of choices, you can define the checkpoint as a Multiple choice. You can see an example of what this looks like in the app:

The multiple-choice can be defined in the checklist editor by selecting it in the drop-down menu:

Subsequently, you can add the choices by clicking the + button. For each choice, you can select a Color, Score (see below), and if selecting the choice should lead the checkpoint to be marked as Failed. 

Failed status

The Failed option can be used if one option should lead the entire checkpoint to be considered failed and show up in the report summary, just as the Checked - Not OK status will do for a Standard checkpoint. One example could be if you have a checkpoint called "Ease of assembly", and you have four options like below:

If the product is Very easy or Medium easy to assemble, it will be OK. But if it is difficult or impossible, it should be highlighted in the report, in this case also with a red color. 

Also note that the Show status buttons option has been ticked off so that the inspector does not need to provide an additional "OK / Not OK" status since the status is already given with the options listed.


You can attach a score to each choice, which will be summed in the report for each header.