This guide will introduce the concept of Supplier QC and guide you through applying this feature. 


The Supplier QC feature makes it easy to mark inspections for supplier QC without assigning the inspection to a specific user. When marked as supplier QC, all users belonging to this supplier can retrieve the inspection in question on their phone. Please note that the supplier user should have the Supplier Inspector role.

Furthermore, it enables KPIs for the percentage of inspections performed as supplier QC.

How to assign Supplier QC through the Edit page:

Through the Edit page, you can mark an inspection as Supplier QC: 

Furthermore, it is possible to assign directly to a supplier user. Users belonging to a supplier are marked with an icon. 

If you select a supplier user, the Supplier QC will be automatically set as seen below:

Similarly, if an inspection is marked as Supplier QC and is assigned to a user that does not belong to the supplier (it does not have the icon), the Supplier QC mark will be removed:

This also applies to the Week view, in case the inspection is assigned directly to a person who is Supplier QC. The inspection will then automatically get the mark Supplier QC without having to enter the Edit page

How to assign Supplier QC through the Week view:

In the Week view, there is a Supplier QC row, which enables assigning the inspection by "Drag and drop" to the Supplier QC row:

The effect is the same as when setting Supplier QC on the edit page as described above: users belonging to the supplier will now have access to this in the app.

How to find Supplier QC in the KPIs:

On the Dashboard, at the bottom, you can see how many of each inspection type were performed by supplier QC: 

Furthermore, it is also shown in the Excel export, available through the statistics menu, that an inspection has been performed by a Supplier QC. The information is within the 'Inspections' sheet and found in the column 'AD'.


FALSE =  Not Supplier QC

TRUE = Supplier QC