This guide will take you through the different features you find on the Qarma desktop and briefly explain how to use them. For a guide on how to log in to, please use the following guide.

The top-bar in the Qarma desktop is the overall navigation tool

Please be aware, that the Dashboard is not a part of the standard setup (yet), and therefore might not occur on your screen


By tapping the inspection tap, the drop-down list will allow you to choose between the LIST overview or the WEEK overview. 

The Week overview presents inspections one week at a time. Click on the tab, and you will go to the below overview.

The color code indicates whether the inspection is planned, downloaded, pending, approved or rejected. 

Furthermore, the left vertical box gives an overview of the different inspectors.

Clicking on the List overview will bring you to the page presented below 

The top left box will allow viewing respectively Planned inspections, those in Progress or Reports. 

Additionally, it is possible to filter according to other specifications, depending on what information you wish to see.

By pressing 'Select order info', it is possible to filter based on specific information categories. 


In the LIST-overview, click on a specific order, and press the 'Edit' button.

The page will now allow you to edit and specify the inspection.

Scroll down the page, and set the inspection to the correct inspector, set the date for the inspection and add the Approver step (if needed).

Remember to save!


Returning to the top bar, and clicking on the checklist tab will forward you to the overview of all checklists. 

Press on 'Create checklist' if you want to add a new checklist. 

For further guidance on how to create a checklist with specifications, go to the Create new checklist guide.

If you want to edit an existing checklist, simply click on the checklist and edit as you wish.
Remember to press 'Done' when finished. For further guidance see Edit existing checklist.


By tapping the statistics tab in the top bar, it is possible to download inspection data directly to your device. 

The file will be downloaded in Excel

Simply select the dates you wish the data from, and press the green button 'Export inspections'.

By tapping your own name 

The dropdown menu will lead you to your own page, show the different users connected to your Qarma setup, groups or suppliers. 

For an overview of the meaning of the different users in Qarma, please go to User roles in Qarma.