This guide briefly explains how to edit existing checklists.

Checklists consist of Headers and Checkpoints. The headers can be used to organize the checkpoints into sections, as shown below:

In this example, there are three sections in the checklist. Clicking on a section title will expand and collapse it to show the checkpoints inside. 

When performing the inspection in the app, the headers will provide a visual summary of the status of the checkpoints:


Headers can be added by clicking Add header. To change the name of a header or to delete a header, click the pencil icon:


Checkpoints can be added by entering text at the bottom and clicking the Add checkpoint button or press Enter. 

Checkpoints will be added at the bottom-most header, but you can drag checkpoints into the desired position by dragging them with the mouse.

Clicking on the checkpoint allows you to edit the text and also gives you access to set additional properties for the checkpoint, as shown below:

The additional properties are described in the following guides:

- Instructions and attachments

- Mandatory checkpoints

- Spacers

- Barcode checks

- Measurement checks

- Multiple choice checks

Text input checkpoints

Delete and duplicate checkpoints

The checkboxes next to the checkpoints can be used to Delete Selected and Duplicate Selected  checkpoints: