This guide will help you to enable location tracking on your Android device. If you need to enable it on an IOS device, please go to this guide.

Go to Settings on your android device.

Tap 'Security & Privacy'. 

It might have a different name on your device. If you don't see "Security & Privacy," see the end of this guide for other possible names of the tab.

Tap 'Location access'.

Turn location on.

Go back to the settings overview and tap the 'Apps & Notifications' tab.

Tap 'Apps'.

Find 'Qarma' and tap to access the permissions.

Tap 'Permissions'. 

Make sure that all App Permissions are activated.

You have now enabled location tracking on your mobile device.


The Security and Privacy tab functionality can sometimes also be found in the following locations:

XIAOMI: Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Location -> Turn On

HUAWEI / HONOR: Security & Privacy -> Location Access -> Turn On

SAMSUNG: MORE -> Permissions -> Turn On